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Capsule Exhibition: Gold tooling in Bookbinding

Opening September 20th… 

5€ (for entry into the museum); Free for Friends of the Wittockiana

Come discover this age-old art through a selection of precious bookbindings…

Since the dawn of time, gold has fascinated human beings. Present in our sayings and our metaphors, gold traverses the history of our civilizations. Artisans and artists thus produced large numbers of works of art, richly decorated with this precious metal, and they did so, not to demonstrate their savoir-faire, but principally to (re)affirm the power of their owner. From its origin, the book likewise embraces this flaunting dimension, draping itself in precious decorations that underline the honorable destiny of the text.

Michel Wittock Fund / King Bauduoin Fondation

Capsule Exhibition: Gold tooling in Bookbinding