All about women

                         17.09 > 10.11.2017

Whether as artists, writers, muses or other sources of inspiration, ARA BELGICA will use this exhibition of contemporary bookbinding to pay tribute to women,
opening a window on bookbinders from around the world
(15 countries).

                             Parle Feu   

“Poetry responding to painting.  When the woman shines, then surges a potent word.  Sands of bereavement, reds of passion, golds of sun twined in a column, ascribed to the trials of the roc, confering in the anvil of the heat  –  from cry to song.”

Parle Feu is comprised of three books, Tribu, Histoire(s) & Fournaise, each composed of paintings & poems in dialogue.  This trilogy, created by Brigitte Schuermans & Miguel Mesquita da Cunha, is published by Editions K1L & presented in a hand-made box.

In this exhibition of paintings paired with manuscript poems, each duo evokes the harmony between image & word, between man
& woman.