BOOKS THAT MADE EUROPE                                                                    « Economic Governance and Democracy from 15th to 20th century »                                                                                                                                                                       07.10.2016 > 15.01.2017


This exhibition presents a selection of some 150 first editions which covers all the themes of the modern economy from the origins of commerce and banking in the Italian city states to today’s economy, passing through the first steps towards capitalism in the Spain of Emperor Charles V, the mercantilist and interventionist policy of absolutist states, the emergence of the new theories of Adam Smith, not forgetting the debate between the disciples of liberalism and supporters of protectionism as a means of stimulating growth in the economies of nations.

Free family activitys around the exhibition                                                                          On sundays 31 october, 13 and 27 november from 14.30 to 17 PM (see agenda)

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                          “DRAPS VOYAGEURS” 07.10 > 11.12.2016 (first floor)                                         Inés García Zuberbühler

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